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Liu guoliang 16 words summed up world championships, said self-confidence and ambition, small broken car light the trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-03
Hungary falling world championships, the ping away again won all five gold MEDALS, 8 years later, that feat once again. Before the 2020 Tokyo games in the final exam, made a perfect answer. 29 morning, liu guoliang in their own personal social platform post summed up in this world, to 4 to 5, well packaged, Chinese pride ahead in Tokyo, although only a short 16 words, but with confidence and ambition. The world is liu guoliang ping after the first world series, the regression countries before the war, the ping is facing a big pressure, after all in the past year, Japan's table tennis strong rise, Zhang Benzhi, ITO, beauty and the emergence of a number of talented players, caused no small pressure to the ping, also let the ping felt the deep crisis. But in Hungary, the ping shows the king of the elegant demeanour, all of the five individual and laugh in the end, the men's singles champion Malone, realize the world championships, creating 54 years after a sign; Liu shiwen is to break the curse, for the first time to get the world women's singles champion, Chinese women also scored the top 4, directly eliminated four Japanese players, especially Sun Yingsha 4 - Beat ITO, beauty truly exciting game. The doubles match, Malone with little teacher younger brother Wang Chuqin title; The women's doubles match, Wang Man yu/Sun Yingsha small Lord combination resisted the pressure, the Japanese ace combination ITO, beauty truly horrendous Tian Xina earlier /; Mixed doubles final, Xu Xin/liu shiwen defeated the Japanese village/ishikawa plus pure really shine, winning the championship. The ping won all five trophies, fill their carts. After the end of the world, liu guoliang also through their social platform post are summarized: to 4 to 5, well packaged, Chinese pride ahead in Tokyo! Although only a short 16 words, but it contains a lot of information, in affirmed the achievements of the world at the same time, also for the ping set a higher goal & ndash; — Is that a sword refers to the Tokyo Olympic Games, through the words also saw confidence and ambition. More interesting is one of the pictures, before the war, the ping of four trophies in a shabby little scooter transportation, it also caused a lot of fans, & other; You guys take small broken car cup! ” Witness the ping brilliant strollers, very lovable! ” This junker, made with the unearthed cultural relics! All five, can apply for a better trolley? ” Of course, all four trophies will still belong to the ping, DORA also back to a mixed doubles title. Mobile phone users love the cup 1 hour ago: I don't understand, why also pull before departure? Reply & sdot; Article 6 the reply ha ha, love alone 4 cup one hour before trolley is the most memorable highlight! Other countries put the trophy as priceless treasure, China is just the common heart treat!
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