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Low price only to attract customers, which can keep the heart

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-04
As the saying goes, a price points a points goods, often have customer ask price, and after shopping around still choose dongguan Noble allow. Usually meet some customers, after we offer here, tell us that some manufacturers offer cheaper than us, usually this kind of situation in our fully explained our raw materials and technology advantages, many customers will understand and place the order, but also have some customers, especially the new customers, then will choose cheap manufacturers because of the price. A client by comparing the price in Shanghai has found that over there there's a factory in shenzhen is very cheap, ask we can also do that price, we know that with the new good material the price is can't do, if you want to do that kind of price can only use the recycled material, it has violated the us has long been the tenet of 'quality first, we rejected them and give them explained the situation, but in the end they choose order and cheap. A month later, customers find us, saying, the last time in shenzhen customization of the product quality is too bad, cause the customer's product delivery time delay, bad quality can not meet the customer demand, and the manufacturer is irresponsible, incident, dare not keen on gaining petty advantages. What later whether it is a custom acrylic products find we place the order directly, the reason is that a good faith and quality assured, many years of use for our quality, and to provide after-sales service. Order acrylic products to see whether the price is important to see long-term cooperation not only practical and product quality, can buy at ease, comfortable and at ease.
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