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Make tourism is unique in the matters needing attention

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-16
Along with our country tourism is unique in a growing market, tourism MEDALS also become more important in the tourism industry, tourism is unique in material from lead leather, aluminum alloy, the production is also more and more delicate. Travel most MEDALS with local characteristics, will be more manifests the characteristic of tourism scenic spot. Such as the Great Wall at badaling, hangzhou west lake, it is not easy to buy in other place, so attractive to visitors, is the main tourist class badge made products. For tourist mementoes of note: 1. Production of tourist souvenir badges must will pick the scenic area is the most representative landscape, scenic spots and historic attractions such as 2. Thinking about a easy to carry and MEDALS can be made into a small, lightweight, gorgeous patterns printed badge 3. Tourism MEDALS can be made into a series, but considering the factors of price, can also cause tourists buy cheaper 4. Tourism mementoes collectable, enamel process can be selected for, at the same time is also a kind of beauty of west lake is one of the most beautiful water in China, every year a large tourism memorial, a tourist mementoes of colorful activities with water. On the way home after the tourist collected mementoes, will be a lot of personal spiritual wealth. Is to spend less and left behind the precious memory!
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