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Making acrylic sign?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-14
Acrylic sign, as the name implies, is yakeli board as the main material produced by signs. In general, acrylic sign is composed of acrylic sheet, acrylic word, adhesives and light-emitting tube, the original composition. So how the acrylic sign made of? Go through what procedure? Today give you a more detailed description. A, cutting? Laser cutting is a kind of contactless cutting method, the laser can cut all sorts of design, wording, such as, technology is the use of laser beam to the acrylic surface energy is yakeli board to melt, using laser cutting method can accurate cutting complex shaped material, cutting material just do polishing processing. 吗? Second, the punch? Drill holes: is it good, for sure, 'the position of the acrylic on according to the drawing to locate punched again. 吗? CNC punch: using the drilling machine is very convenient, we just use the size of the marking according to the drawing on the computer to do the figure on the computer input to the CNC machine, the machine will automatically run to work. 吗? Three, polishing? Customers need products of high quality requirements for products do polishing processing, the process is done by traditional grinding, polishing cloth round. 吗? Polishing method are: 1. The traditional cloth round of polishing method 2. Fire polishing method 3. Diamond polishing method? Four,? Silk screen printing? About the need to promote words and designs made by screen printing. Price relative to other cheaper, this has a downside is that cannot be replaced, suitable for long is only used for a promotional picture. 吗? Five, sculpture coloring? By laser laser engraving and artificial colouring, suitable for making monochrome or color. Six, hot bending? Acrylic hot bending can be done by different methods, can simultaneously acrylic blocks were put in a set of hot bending machine and hot bending qualitative stock mould. The vast majority of hot bending just single or parallel hot bending, hot bending Angle can be according to finalize the design mode to control the Angle of it. 吗? Seven, adhesive? Bonding is a very strict process, not only to aim the location, robustness requirements for products is also very high. 吗? Eight, the assembly? Assembly is not known, but it will be a combination of a series of multiple parts, become a complete product. The quality of product for final inspection, to determine, after having confirmed the product packaging factory. 吗? Above is commonly used in making acrylic sign process, the production of acrylic sign, of course, more than the technology, there are some special process not list one by one here. Want to learn more acrylic sign advice welcome to contact us at any time.
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