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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-07
On June 2, 2019, the Lanzhou Marathon started. Known as the No. 1 horse in the Northwest, the double gold event, the most anticipated each year is the finish medal. This year's Lanma Medal, as soon as it appeared on the stage, has been pushed into the headlines of the major news media several times, and it has received widespread attention on Weibo. Known by many netizens as the best medal in the history of Lanma! Yes, this year's Lanma Medal got rid of the traditional shape, using the Lanzhou waterwheel as the prototype, with inlaid inner and outer rings. The outer ring pattern of the medal is derived from the elements of Lanzhou Majiayao colored pottery. The inner ring is a rotatable waterwheel. The bottom is dotted with waves, symbolizing the endless Yellow River culture. While showing the long cultural history of Lanzhou, it also keeps the Yellow River rushing. The majestic momentum is cleverly integrated into it. So how did you make such a beautiful medal? I believe that many of my friends are very curious. Today we are here to break down the steps for customizing the medals of the Lanzhou Marathon in 2019, so that you can further understand the crafting process of Nubo! As the name suggests, before the marathon medals are customized, the designer needs to draw them through drawings, and each component must be dissected, including its size, dimensions, etc. With this information, the next step is to open the mold. The 2019 Lanma Medal is composed of four modules, which are referred to as: outer frame, back cover, water wheels, and buttons. The second step is to engrave the mold; then the drawing of the medal assembly is transferred to the engraving machine for mold engraving. The key point is also here. The appearance of the medal depends on the precision of the mold. A high-precision engraving machine can carve an ideal mold. The third step is die-casting; with these molds, we can die-cast the medals, pass the material through the die-casting machine, and then form the components through the mold. The die-casting is each component of the medal we see. The fourth step is engraving; this link is to engrave the medals. The surface of the Lanma medals we see are all embossed patterns, race logos, waterwheels, kilometers, dates, etc., all carved by a precision engraving machine. The fifth step is to polish the surface; can the engraved be painted directly? Of course not. The die-casting and engraving medals need to be polished on the surface, otherwise there will be a lot of flaws, and the medals made will naturally not look good. After the Lanma Medal has been carved, it has undergone several surface treatments with multiple processes to make its appearance round and smooth. The sixth step is electroplating. The various components are electroplated to achieve the color we want. For example, the shiny blue horse medal is electroplated gold, and the appearance is better. The seventh step is to color. The coloring in this link is different from electroplating. We see the blue title 'Lanzhou Bank Cup' 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon on the water wheels of Lanma, as well as the red English translation, etc. This link needs to be colored. . In the eighth step, after the coloring is finished, the color material is dried in the oven. The ninth step is to assemble; the back cover is glued to the outer frame with special glue, and then the water wheel is inlaid, and the button is fastened in the middle of the water wheel, and then the button is fastened with specific glue to complete this link. It's finished. After reading this introduction, everyone suddenly realized it? It turns out that the process of making such an exquisite Lanma medal requires so many complicated crafts! Friends who have won the Lanma Medal must cherish it!
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