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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-09
Marathon competitions have shown a spurt of development in China these days. Take 2018 as an example, there were as many as 1,581 marathons. Now horse racing has formed a trend in our life circle, and many runners are admiringly going to participate in marathons all over the country. The marathon medal, as an honorary award for the completion of the race, is highly anticipated by all runners! For runners, every finish is a hearty carnival, and every medal is a medal full of passion, sweat and happiness. Therefore, high-value and creative medals often become the favorite of runners and the finishing touch of the entire event! What kind of material are the golden medals we usually see made of? Is it 24K gold? Of course not. The golden marathon medals we have seen are basically made of zinc alloy, and of course they are also made of resin. In terms of texture, zinc alloy is undoubtedly better than resin. If you are purely looking for price, the medals made of resin are very cheap, because the molds are not demanding and the quality is very light, so you can't make that kind of special medals. Nowadays, marathon competitions have basically become the business card of a city's circulation. Therefore, when casting marathon medals, good materials, craftsmanship, and perfect design style must be used to make runners more popular. At this time, we choose zinc alloy material, whether it is texture or exquisite appearance, it is undoubtedly a very good choice. What about the appearance colors: how do gold, silver, and copper come from? This is thanks to electroplating, which can make the appearance of zinc alloy be plated with the desired color. At this time, the original color of the medal will become golden. Related searches: 2019 Lanma Medal
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