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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-30
In 2020, the first year of entrepreneurship, 'Hong Kong' has you! To celebrate the establishment of a branch of XCMG in Xuzhou, a series of commemorative medals were specially designed to be awarded to all the hardworking employees. This commemorative medal is different from the past. Nubo spent a lot of thought on designing XCMG medals. How to integrate XCMG's unique mechanical standards into the medals? This is the first question that Nubo medal designers need to consider. How to choose the color matching, so that customers are satisfied and have collection significance? Fortunately, the medal designer has a lot of experience, and this difficulty was solved immediately. On the medal design, a hollow design is adopted, and there is a 'monster' in the middle. This is the standard system of XCMG Group, XCMG Machinery! On the machine stands the group's logo, and next to it is engraved the group company's message to the employees. The mechanical water chestnut in the middle of the medal is clearly distinguished, which fully demonstrates the advantages of XCMG's machinery, and it is just right! The color of the outer ring is dark blue, which is consistent with the color on the XCMG logo, which looks very comfortable and coordinated. There are also packing boxes in different places. The previous medals were basically packaged in OP bags individually, but this time the box is made of high-end flannel boxes, and the XCMG standard is stamped on the front of the box, which is particularly commemorative. About Nubo: The company mainly produces service-oriented enterprises in the export trade of medals/trophies/badges/commemorative medals, cultural and creative products, and animation derivatives. Nubo Cultural Development Co., Ltd. has been awarded the exclusive authorization of '2019 Lanzhou International Marathon Supplier Authorization, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Badge Production Service Provider' and has been authorized by Disney for many years. The company started in 2004. The company has established friendly strategic partnerships with Hello Kitty, Universal Cinema, Disney, Michelin, Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, etc. by virtue of its exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality and perfect pursuit.
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