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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-01
Medals are large and small, light and heavy. This mainly depends on the materials used to make the medals and the size given by the designer. Many friends who are designing medals for the first time may not know much about the size of the medals, so today we will mainly talk about the size of the medal design for the popular domestic marathon event. How big is it reasonable? As we all know, the marathon medal is a circulating business card of the city. Many runners take part in the marathon for the medals. If the size of the medal is too small, and it looks very small, it makes people feel like they can't handle it, let alone play a role in publicity. In fact, the marathon medal design size is exquisite. Today, Nubo will explain to you: General marathon events are divided into: full marathon, half marathon, and mini marathon. In these marathon events, the size of the medals is different. Take the registration fee, the full marathon is the most expensive, the mini marathon is the cheapest, and the size of the medals is also very different! The full marathon medal size and weight are the largest, generally 82.5mm-110mm (maximum diameter), and the weight is generally between 140g-220g. The size of half marathon medals is generally 60.5mm-82mm (maximum diameter), and the weight is generally between 95g-130g. Mini marathon is the smallest in size, generally 40.5mm--60.5mm (the largest diameter), and the weight is generally between 60g-95g. Of course, the above are only regular sizes, we can't be framed. The actual size can be made according to requirements.
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