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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-01
The most common process for electroplating medals. There are two common types of gold-plated medals, dumb gold (pearl gold) and bright gold. So what is the difference between the appearance of these two medals? The editor took 2 samples in the medal production workshop for your reference: As shown in the picture above, there are 2 medals, one is Haier's outstanding agent, and the other is from the Alumni Association of Beijing University of Xinjiang. Through this comparison, it is obvious The difference is revealed. The electroplated matte gold looks very comfortable and the color is very soft. The bright gold of Peking University in Xinjiang gives people a bright feeling. It can be said that these two colors are used more, and the dumb gold is relatively more selective. What is the difference between the two in the electroplating process? Bright gold electroplating is a relatively traditional process. The operation steps are as follows: hang medals, electroplating, drying, and then sweep the sand, then hang again, seal the oil, and then dry for packaging. Matte electroplating is a new process. It only needs to hang and dry the last time, then sweep the sand and seal the oil, and finally package.
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