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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-05
The golden medals give people the feeling of high-end, magnificent, and high-end. Because of its strong metal texture, and people's preliminary judgments of him are pure gold, so naturally I can't put it down. As everyone knows, the craftsmanship of this golden medal still has a story. We all know that one of the processes in medal production is electroplating, which can electroplate the medals into the colors we want, such as gold, silver, and copper. Is the gold, silver and copper electroplated real gold and silver? Basically, the medals we see are imitation gold-plated, and of course there are real gold-plated medals. Today we will explain the difference between the two. Real gold plating is to plate real gold on the surface of the medal. There is usually a division of real gold plating during the electroplating process, generally 18K, 20K, 24K, etc., and the quality is increased in turn. Imitation gold plating is to electroplate a layer of gold on the surface of the medal, which is electroplated by brass plating solution, so the gold medals we see are not necessarily real gold! Let me talk about the characteristics of the two: The characteristics of real gold plating: strong metal texture, bright color, not easy to be oxidized and corroded, but the cost is higher. The characteristics of imitation gold plating: the color of gold can be appropriately changed according to the needs of customers, such as common bright gold and matt gold, which look softer, greatly improve the ornamental value of medals, and are particularly cost-effective. It is most sports The first choice. Reminder: In general large-scale events, such as the Olympics, the gold medal is 24K real gold. The organizing committee stipulates that the content of real gold is not less than 6g! Related Searches: Medal Manufacturers
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