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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-06
An embarrassing scene occurred in the Chengdu (Shuangliu) Women's Half Marathon that finished on September 8, 2019. The organizing committee received a complaint after the game that some players participated illegally. According to photos taken by netizens, some players rode shared bicycles into the track while participating in the competition. Two female runners competed on shared bicycles on the field, in sharp contrast with the runners around. Facing the camera, one of the female runners on the bike greeted them generously! Regarding the behavior of the two, netizens expressed confusion, 'They both want to make people's attention and sensationalize?' 'It is recommended to enter the list of dishonest people.' And the behavior also caused heated discussion on Weibo: In this regard, the competition team The committee issued a notice stating that the organizing committee conducted an investigation as soon as it received the complaint. The results of the survey are now announced as follows: The marathon spirit is the spirit of tenacious struggle, forge ahead, and never stop. Runners use their actions and achievements to fully interpret the 'marathon spirit'. It is not only speed and explosive power, but also perseverance and endurance, but they are not caused by lack of physical strength, joint injuries, multiple foot cramps, etc. Wait for the reason and stop their progress! After the marathon, the runners will be awarded a marathon medal, which is of great significance and is also an affirmation to the runners. It is an insult to the marathon to face trampling on the race in this way of speculation and grandstanding. Marathon medals are awarded to heroes. They can only be obtained by our own efforts and perseverance. They are not the cabbage on the street. Therefore, as runners, we must respect the marathon. We must use this marathon medal correctly because it guides us forward. ! Related Searches: Marathon Medal Making
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