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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-07
Mold heat treatment is a very important step in medal customization, which directly determines the surface quality of the medal and the service life of the mold. At present, the material of the medal is basically made of zinc alloy die-casting. The function of the mold is to make the zinc alloy die-casting liquid form the mold base, which is called die-casting mold for short. The production efficiency of die-casting molds is very high. It can die-cast handicrafts with complex shapes, precise dimensions and clear reliefs. It is widely used in medals, badges, commemorative medals and other handicrafts. What is the difference between the heat-treated mold and the medal made by the unheated mold? 1. In appearance, it can reduce the defects on the surface of the medal and make the surface more smooth and complete. 2. In terms of shape, the outline and three-dimensional surface are clearer, and the relief effect is better. 3. In terms of molds, heat-treated molds have a long service life, and have a very high improvement in wear resistance, erosion, and deformation. It should be noted that the heat-treated mold cannot be modified in any way. This is why we need to make samples and confirm with customers when we make medals. If there are changes, we can make further modifications, and then heat treatment to make larger products. The samples are generally not as good-looking as the finished product. The main difference is that the mold has been heat treated.
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