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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-02
Marathon medals are very common metal crafts and very popular souvenirs. As a handicraft, the most important thing is the workmanship and quality of the product. Take the marathon that is popular at home and abroad, the medal is a handicraft. For the city, it is a circulation business card. For the runners, it is worth mentioning. Of glory. Therefore, the workmanship of the marathon medals is very particular. Today, the editor of Nubo will introduce to you the details of the craftsmanship of the marathon medals and the molding line of the medals. You may be a bit unfamiliar to mention this term. Here I will introduce to you first, what is the parting line of a marathon medal? Medals with unqualified parting lines. Because the front and back of the domestic marathon medals have different patterns, basically a medal is die-casted from the front and back molds and then closed. When the material overflows, it will be on the medal A small line is formed around it. This is called the parting line. It needs to be polished manually to make the surface smooth and improve the exquisiteness of the product. But for this detail, many marathon medals have not been done well. There are very obvious parting lines around the medals, which is obviously unqualified. For the medals cast by Nubo, there is no parting line at all, and the surroundings are round and smooth. Therefore, the parting line of the medal is one of the main factors to judge the quality of the medal. A real merchant who can polish the parting line perfectly and smoothly is absolutely trustworthy, because this detail is ignored by many medal manufacturers.
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