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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-03
The same raw material-zinc alloy. The same process-die-casting, polishing, electroplating, baking varnish. Why is there such a big difference in medal production? To this end, we went to the medal production workshop to do an on-site inspection. The craftsmanship of the medals is very transparent. The only thing that can't produce exquisite handicrafts is nothing more than carelessness. I already have a judgment in my mind, but is it only the only one? An experienced master in the Nubo workshop shared with me: design, mold, grinding, polishing, electroplating, coloring, and special craftsmanship, all of which are indispensable. The design needs to pay attention to that every detail of the medal must be drawn with lines, the raised part must be clearly marked, and the color must be matched. The mold is very important. Why the imported CNC engraving machine is much more expensive than the domestic opportunity. The main reason is that the imported engraving machine has a very precise precision. It can engrave the lines of each part of the medal completely, so that it is die-casted. The medals are also distinctively concave and convex, full of three-dimensionality. The next step is polishing, electroplating and coloring. The operator must be careful and polish the parting line of each edge to make the medal look very smooth. Finally, there are special crafts. For example, the use of imitation enamel craftsmanship, Polly craftsmanship, and matte paint can embellish the beauty of the medals.
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