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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-03
There are many ways to customize medals. The more complicated one is paint. It fills the recessed area of u200bu200bthe surface of the medal with colors. Various colors can be adjusted to make the overall picture of the medal very strong. Moreover, the paint process can also make the medals. Custom-made has a sense of bumps and layers, and the sense of hierarchy is obvious. The fake enamel process is actually similar in essence to the baking varnish process. They are all filled with baking varnish. The only difference is that the raised metal parts are smoothed to the left and right of the surface, and the lines are obvious, which looks very high-end. Fake enamel craftsmanship is generally used for custom badges, and the most used are Disney series products. In summary, we can understand that whether it is custom-made baking varnish medals or fake enamel badges, it needs baking varnish for filling. The difference is that the baking varnish has a sense of unevenness, while fake enamel has a smooth surface and obvious lines.
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