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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-04
A seemingly ordinary marathon medal contains extremely rare craftsmanship. What is the finished product, and why are there so many runners paying attention to it? The rare thing is precious, and the fine product is beautiful. These ten words can not be used to describe such a medal. It is not only because of its extremely rare electroplating process, but also because of its extremely precise molds. This medal is a combination of the city wall and two dragons hovering above the city wall. The densely packed wall tiles are not bad at all, just right. This requires a very precise machine to engrave the mold, and in the die-casting process, it is necessary to grasp the time and raw materials. Each step of the process needs to be very rigorous to die-cast such a mold. The two dragons inlaid on the city wall are the finishing touches of this medal. The red dragon, also the totem of our motherland, is finished with red paint. The dragon below is a dragon from the West and is made of rare illusion electroplating. We usually use gold-plated, silver-copper-nickel and other colors, and this kind of illusion electroplating has very strict process requirements and is extremely rare. The gathering of these two dragons from China and the West has extraordinary significance. It implies the friendly integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and embodies the spirit of sports, regardless of national boundaries. In addition, the rigorous and rare electroplating process makes the whole medal quite commemorative. It is said that when the medal is customized, it is also made in a limited edition! Do you have this medal in your hand? Related Searches: Medal Custom Manufacturers
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