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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-08
What is the concept of the international double gold marathon? According to the statistics of the Chinese Athletics Association in 2018, there are only seven double-gold events in a year, including the Beijing Marathon, Xiamen Marathon, Shanghai Marathon, Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon, and Yellow River Mouth ( Dongying) Marathon, Lanzhou Marathon, Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon. There are a total of more than 30 gold label events in the world, of which 7 are in China. From the probability point of view, the probability of domestic double gold events is only 0.4%. From the data point of view, the gold content of double gold events is very high. A marathon runner who was fortunate enough to win the double gold event is also very good. Take Lanma, who finished the race on June 2 this year. There were more than 40,000 runners participating, and the scene was extremely lively. As a double-gold event, the marathon finishing medal must naturally be carefully designed and crafted. As the manufacturer of the Lanma medals, Nubo also attaches great importance to this competition, and it also does a good job of every marathon medal and makes the gold content of the double gold event. When the mystery of the medal was unveiled, the media scrambled to shoot and report on the medal, and when the runners reached the finish line to receive the medal, the amazing expression made us vividly remembered. Finally, honor is for those who are prepared. The medal was awarded to the marathon runner, giving him supreme glory. The double-gold event license is also awarded to Nubo. The superb manufacturing technology is affirmation to us! We will not forget our original intention and move forward!
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