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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-12
Customized medals and generic medals belong to two different concepts. The so-called customization is to make a medal that belongs to this city in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the integration of the event and the cultural characteristics of the local city. For example, the popular marathons in recent years are like this. Each finishing medal records the culture and elements of the city, which can be described as very delicate. It is the testimony of a medal to know a city. Customized medals are flexible and changeable in shape, not only limited to circles, but also rectangles, polygons, and special shapes. The general version of the medal is very simple, the main audience is not high requirements for medals, just a formal symbol. The main shape is a circle, and there is a blank space above it for printing the name and ranking of the event. With the improvement of scientific and technological living standards, people's requirements for medals are getting higher and higher. Obviously, the universal version of the medal is not enough. There is neither a significant urban standard, nor a good-looking appearance, nor a texture. It is just cheap. Custom-made medals can not only see the epitome of the city, but also serve as a perfect souvenir, which is very meaningful. Since the medal is a symbol of honor, it should be collected as a souvenir, why not make this medal more meaningful. Because the story behind each medal can be linked to your hard work.
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