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Metal badge making: in good faith to achieve customer satisfaction

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-09
Crossbow, as a professional badges, MEDALS, commemorative COINS and other handicrafts manufacturers, we have been in this to Jane, take the customer demand as the guide, continuous improvement in technology and the production cycle, by the good faith to achieve customer satisfaction, as much as possible to meet customer demand for services provided. Crossbow borrow rich manufacturing experience, high-quality products and perfect service, accurate and reasonable price, won at home and abroad and overseas countries affirmation and support, at present, the development of 2015 new customers: dongguan institute of technology, northeast forestry university, shenzhen dapeng marathon, four-star electronics, etc. Series metal badges custom no minimum quantity, the price is reasonable precision, stable quality, the details can refer to website: http://www. ysgou。 Com, the age of the Internet, make a custom high-speed fast! Crossbow, tourism handicraft: in my eyes since its establishment, 31 years technology originated in Taiwan. Early founders are down-to-earth starts from an apprentice, one step at a time, the real products do delicate, customer satisfaction. Crossbow bo now has a perfect management and mature team, exquisite technology and good service. In 31 international trade and domestic market development and customer continuously exchanges and learning, integrating the advantages, director of technology more exquisite. Company each product before shipment are through strict inspection, defective rate control within one point nine eight percent, 3 - normal samples 5 day, 10 - regular order About 15 days shipment. Process integration: we have highly integrated production process, from design - Moulding - Pressing - Polishing - Electroplating - The color & ndash; Packing and so on all alone by the factory. Have their own separate group embroidered ribbon factory, can provide one-stop custom needs of customers in purchasing, welcome you to map incoming sample custom.
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