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Metal badge process is introduced

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-12
As metal badge manufacturers, we would have a duty to tell you some of the basic production process, when the metal badge to choose good will understand the production process, process are almost the same, most of the working procedure is the same, just some little detail place need to produce in accordance with the characteristics. Process: 1 badge design drawings. If want to generate 3 d badges figure as a result, the demand such as 3 d Max software support. About color, earth using PANTONE SOLID COATED, due to the PANTONE color is better able to match color, cut off color to sex. Flow 2: manufacturing badge mold. Good in computer design, for the loss of colour, made by spat color revealed performance of concave and convex metal quarrel, in accordance with the ratio must be printed on vegetable parchment, made of photosensitive ink exposure to carve template, then the appearance of the press with carve machine carved template for engraving. Engraving is complete, also need to heat treatment of the model, in order to enhance hardness of the mould. Flow 3: repression. The platens on heat treatment of die set, often turn design pressure of copper or iron is not the same badge manufacturing materials. Process 4: blunt. Application in advance prepare die cutter, the item according to its shape, rushing down the item with a punch press. Process 5: polishing. Die knife down the items in the polishing machine polishing, to lost stamping burr, the brightness improvement items. Badge process 6: welding accessories. The opposite of the item with the badge on the soldering welding specification accessories. Process 7: badges for electroplating and coloring. May, in accordance with customer requirements to electroplating badges, gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, etc. , and then in accordance with customer requirements to coloring of badges, finish color, high temperature baking, to enhance the color fastness. Badge process 8: to make good packaging according to customer's requirements. Packing popular common points with high-grade packaging, such as JinHe we normal operation according to the customer's requirements. Probably know process for the metal badge, what is your feeling? A minute on stage, the audience ten years of work, seems a simple thing, also is not simple to do.
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