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Metal badges manufacturer to tell you the power of the MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-17
Metal badges manufacturer to tell you the power of the medal, long time to see such a story: the effect that a only one leg of the disabled, in order to survive, the rock climbing skills, he try to learn from others so that you can collect goose goose droppings, take money. In the process of climbing gym, he ate up, skin is rocks and trees many times got scarred, bloodied, but he didn't give up, keep on practicing. Once he climbed a cliff, but not smooth, trapped in the cave, the test of facing death, fortunately he was the crowd found the village, he was saved. Experienced the unusual disaster, he did not stop to continue training, finally mastered the climbing ability, become local notoriously 'spiderman'. A tourist scenic spot also signed a cooperation agreement with him, he said as long as he can carry on the climbing performance according to the requirements to the tourists, the scenic spot gave him considerable compensation, thus he also has a fixed income, to guarantee the life. On the cliff cliff can come and go free, so even for healthy people, also is a difficult thing, but this man did. I am deeply convinced by his strong and perseverance, especially his practice and practice of indomitable spirit is worth learning, was impressed by the people, was a struggle against the fate, the stroke of pull, not simple. His story made me moved, the paralympic games after watching a few games tournament, after I think scenes moving and the fact that too much. Known as 'China's Michael Phelps,' said the yunnan xiaofu wang, young man, in the waves in handwaving waves, leading all the way, take the lead in the wall and broke the course record, won the 100 m freestyle S8 champion; Suffering from poliomyelitis sequelae of shooting athlete hai-yan Lin, despite the physical discomfort status has been poor, but she calmly support to the last minute, in the final to win the women's 10 m air pistol gold medal SHI level; In the blind judo women's 48 kg, Guo Huaping with a beautiful one, beat Brazil players Carla. Cardoso, winning the championship. Like they win easily by the brave and the strength of the disabled athletes and there are many, they glory for the motherland, as a Chinese, a people with patriotism, I applaud for them, come on, proud of them. Some disabled athletes won on the pitch, became a champion. Because there are some athletes play bad or other reasons for MEDALS. Such as legs are zhang of the prosthesis, while creating a best finish of 1 km bicycle LC3 levels, also refreshed the residual Olympic record, with only 18 seconds 603 achievements won the sixth; Gao Nan won the men's 200 m individual medley SM7 fourth, liu ce won the men's 200 m individual medley SM6 fifth level, and so on. In participation, there is no denying the fact that to enter the Olympics, they are all similar competitions jiaojiao, ever give ordinary people is hard to imagine the tears and sweat. These athletes and rock climbing, like people, they left for us is the most precious spiritual sustenance, they will always be learning model and example. - also the males, and males. Let's cheer for the disabled athletes.
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