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Metal badges with what material? - - Crossbow bo badge customization

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-09
Metal badge in the process of the custom will choose material on the feeling is not very clear, material is mainly used by which a few kinds are there? And must also have a lot of people don't understand, then can follow me to seriously look at it. The first: stainless steel, also known as stainless iron, stainless steel is mainly used to make printed badge, also known as a glue mementoes, and its thickness is commonly. Stainless steel metal badges made the main characteristics of the corrosion resistance is strong, durable alloy metal high cost performance, and its surface printing colour is rich and colorful, decorative design effect is obvious, is a very good selection. The second: zinc alloy material is zinc alloy material is better use material stamping class metal badges. Several features are suitable for zinc alloy material alloy metal badges, suitable for making 3 d badges and double-sided COINS. Forging performance is good, very good room temperature mechanical and wear resistance, low melting point, making metal badge with zinc alloy material is also has its disadvantages, such as weak resistance to corrosion, the use of the service life of the relativity and copper badge is much worse. The third: copper (copper Including brass, copper, copper) Is making the first choice for high-end badge alloy metal, and this among them, red copper used for enamel badges, brass and bronze is mainly used for imitation enamel badges and badge of the lacquer that bake, metal badge making. Copper alloy metal material is relatively soft, relativity with more material it is made of metal badges, made out of metal badges on the appearance, quality, including four: iron iron is one of the most common material, it has a feature is good hardness, relative prices are more affordable, so use iron to make metal badges to the price is much cheaper. But iron alloy metal badge order has a disadvantage is that if you go for a long time of shipping, simple rust, so we don't recommend foreign customers choose metal badges.
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