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Metal trophy to the strong market driving metal trophy to vigorously develop mould processing equipment

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-12
Along with the development of the metal cup mold to a higher level, to the special requirements of processing equipment including: first, molded parts size increase and parts productivity requirements in a mold with multiple cavity, resulting in increase of mould size. Large tonnage of large mould can reach 100 tons in a mold, hundreds of cavity, and thousands of cavity. Mould processing equipment requires a big table, increase the Y axis and Z axis, and has large load, high rigidity and high consistency. Second, with the increase of the steel hardness, mold processing equipment with high thermal stability and reliability. Third, for complex cavity and multifunctional composite mould, as the complexity of shape of the workpiece, it is necessary to improve the level of mold design and manufacturing. For the various groove formed in a set of mould and all kinds of materials or assemble parts of multifunctional composite mould, requires a lot of machining and programming procedures, high comprehensive cutting ability and stability of high depth of the cavity, thereby increasing the processing difficulty. Fourth, mould processing of fine processing equipment of the composite and high efficiency more attractive. High speed milling has the high hardness material, machining stability, small cutting force, temperature rise and deformation of workpiece, etc. , which makes the mold enterprises pay more and more attention to high speed machining. Fifth, the three-dimensional surface of precision machining high dynamic accuracy performance of the proposed requirements. Only high rigidity of the machine tool, thermal stability, high reliability and high quality with the control system can realize high speed and high precision. Sixth, the enterprise is in use when purchasing equipment for the processing technology and the combination of green product and technology. Seventh, various technologies, high speed measurement and reverse engineering of mould to promote comprehensive application have become involved in the development direction of product development and design techniques. There is no doubt that the die casting for sheet metal trophies, and has a special customer, its concrete steps structure characteristics for the goods ( Die mold making) Die casting goods trival, juice, a large amount of extrusion process, the market price is high. Especially in the manufacturing process of metal cup mold, should be based on user requirements for the design of combining innovation and change, and in the whole process of installation and debugging for constantly changes and adjustments. The timely monitoring is extremely important, to mold processing equipment and measuring equipment put forward special requirements. At present, the main direction of mould manufacturing is the 3 d mold design, analysis and manufacturing. Mold software function is integration, network and intelligence. Mold production of map; Single high precision parallel processing; People less, no one processing. Nc machine tools for high speed and high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity, high thermal stability and reliability requirements. With nc machine tool control system has the characteristics of personalization. All kinds of advanced software to achieve the openness and compatibility of the overall machine tool operation. Electronic processing and CNC lathe is the key of mould processing equipment. Because about 88% of the electric processing facilities used for mould processing, so most of the world's electrical processing facilities company must electric processing facilities for mold industrial design and planning. In 2017, China imported 8468 sets of electric processing equipment. Imported electric machinery an average price of 500000 yuan each, similar to the average price of imported vertical machining center. South Korea and Taiwan machine tool machine the mid-range models of cost-effective, extremely attractive to domestic mould enterprises.
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