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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-18
'Military posture for 2 hours!' The instructor shouted from the front row. 'Wow, don't you have to live anymore!!!' 'We are here to study, not to suffer!!!' There was a complaint, this seems to be a topic often heard during military training. 15 consecutive days of high-load military training has become the most terrifying fact that students must face. It's the beginning of the school season again, and it is about to enter the golden nine and silver ten autumn harvest season. It is also time for many students to unravel the painful career of hellish high school and enter a relaxed college time. Han Chuang studied hard for twelve years and finally realized his dream. Although university is where our dreams begin, we still need to strengthen our physical fitness, so we have military training. To say that the most important emotion is the friendship of comrades-in-arms. For 15 days, we have persisted, laughed, and cried together. This experience and feelings are indeed not easy. But time flies, and the time to gather with the instructors and classmates quickly passed. The instructors always took the car away with us reluctantly, and then waved goodbye under our gaze. I still remember us that year, many female colleagues who had strong feelings wrote letters to the instructors, but in the end they still couldn't stop the time wasting. I think there is only a commemorative medal between us and the instructor! When each of us, including the instructor, has this commemorative medal, it is perfect. The commemorative badge has become an indispensable souvenir for souvenirs. The exquisite appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, and more importantly, it is easy to carry around. When you think of military training instructors, or think of the classmates side by side, you can take it out and remember that time together. For me, the medal can also follow me to the ends of the world, and this affection will accompany me throughout my life. Related searches: commemorative badge manufacturers
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