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MSI this year on the title of the big three trophies must belong to them

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-14
Promotion on the MSI's 3 teams can say is that this year's big three, LPL IG, LCK SKT and LEC G2. Whatever the three teams from finalist competition to enter the race, feeling strong battle effectiveness than the three. And IG RNG is the same as the last year and this year, just before the game seems to be full of extraordinary combat effectiveness team for the wicked. I am afraid, and the three teams will be on the MSI favourites for the title this year, perhaps the championship is one of them. The strongest in the history of Europe led the S6 - G2 rule S7 Perkz two years, led Fnatic return domination of S8 season Caps, Europe's most distinguished two French king all be G2 in Cenozoic. The teams in Europe now invincible combat effectiveness can only use to describe. There is no a European teams can beat the double French king team on the big picture. Especially non-traditional ADC version, if appropriate give duo FaHe hero, G2 will be no more. Perkz road under the Caps to join after the transformation, feeling giving a person a bit wasted. G2, domination of Europe for many years, after all, even a shock defeat in the S8 RNG, rely on is Perkz powerful mage hero. And gave way to proper red Caps, choose fill the teams over the years the most disadvantaged duo, can be very challenging for himself. And the truth and the results proved that Perkz transformation was a success. G2 in this year's world on stronger than in the past. Is no longer a Faker SKT on SKT see most MVP this year is not a Faker, but a dozen wild Clid and ADC player Teddy. Many times the key board, also is the two youngest player in the team Carry on madness. Teddy in South Korea circle & other; The general & throughout; LPL, shicheng Clid become South Korea attacking game field representative. The integrated season SKT not Faker in one Carry, his teammates also still in the key to give him high trust, such as the tsar this hero, Faker live once said: & other; Because his teammates believe I later can Carry, so just take out the tsar, is a confirmed later throughout the czar's team &; 。 Khan, although not as fierce S7, sediment is experienced, Mata is relatively stable. After a break-in of the spring season, the SKT is very strong. And it is belong to scattershot team, only for Faker tactics may no longer worked. This year the SKT and S3 (the sixth generation of squad since the building of the team A generation of S3 - S4, the second generation S5, three generations of S6, four generations S7, five generations of S8, six generation integrated) 。 Global bully IG & other; What is the eye? ” “ What is the communication & throughout; “ What are the four dozen 5 & throughout; “ What is a disadvantage not group & throughout; , have you ever remember those regulations in discipline in front of the IG. On single lose 50 knife can kill, backward economy by take dragon can block out the opponent, died a the rest of the first four for an opponent all kill, and this is now the IG, makes no sense to speak of, don't fancy adjectives, is strong, is fierce. IG is a extreme manifests the combination of personal ability, there is no short board, perfect. Now the S8 IG world championship title in hand, walk every step of the way in the world competition in writing their own legend. IG this year will be encountered in MSI used to rule the world for nearly four years of hegemon, SKT, it is worth looking forward to the first world war!
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