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Museum Cultural and Creative | A commemorative medal that records the ice age

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-17
The museum is a palace that gathers history, culture and national memory, and the commemorative medal is a business card that highlights the local historical and cultural trends. Take us to appreciate the glory of the past, count the wheel of time, and the dusty history, telling the glory of the past. When the changes of history meet the trend of the new era, what kind of sparks will it produce? Please stop and see the story of Zarainuoer. The Zhalai Nuoer Museum has a unique shape and looks like a stone tool that has been eroded by wind and rain. It symbolizes the long history and profound cultural heritage of Zhalai Nuoer. The white metal appearance records the ancient vicissitudes of the grassland civilization of Zhalai Nuoer. The museum covers an area of u200bu200b24,804 square meters with a total construction area of u200bu200b8320.5 square meters. It is divided into 3 series of exhibition halls, namely the Zhalai Nuoer History and Culture Hall, Hulun Lake Ecological Wetland Hall, and Zhalai Nuoer Coal Hall. There are more than 430 exhibits, more than 230 specimens, and more than 100 photos on display. The floors are all treasures, and the history goes back to the source [Glacier Century · Mammoth] Mammoth, also known as mammoth, is an animal that adapts to cold climates. It was once one of the largest elephants in the world and one of the largest mammals that have survived on land. Among them, the steppe mammoth weighs up to 12 tons. It is a behemoth in the ice age. Mammoths went extinct in 10,000 BC, which was regarded as a sign of the end of the Ice Age. The other two commemorative medals are gilded bronze with flying horse pattern on the front and steam locomotive [Eastern Han gilt bronze with flying horse pattern] 10 cm long and 5.2-5.7 cm wide, unearthed in 1959 from the Xianbei Tomb of Zhalai Nuoer. This card is decorated in the shape of a horseshoe, and on the front is cast a beast that looks like a flying horse. Fly like a gallop. [Zalainuoer Steam Locomotive] The steam locomotive in Zalainuoer District is the country's first physical longitudinal section steam locomotive, and the only thematic museum with steam locomotives as the theme in Inner Mongolia. It is important for protecting industrial cultural heritage and creating industrial tourism products. The route and the promotion of the Zalainuoer mine culture are of positive significance. The design concept is based on Zhalai Nuoer's representative paleontology, cultural relics, and iconic architectural shapes. The design is refined, and the alloy electroplating process is used to design and produce a museum commemorative medal, which is beautiful and generous, and has a deep cultural connotation and commemorative significance. Nubo Cultural Development Co., Ltd. mainly produces service-oriented enterprises in the export trade of medals/badges, cultural and creative products, and animation derivatives. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and even the world, and are widely used in sports events, automobile events, event celebrations, hotel catering, family life and other fields. The company has established friendly strategic partnerships with famous brands such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Universal Studios, Michelin, Hello Kitty, Tokyo 2020 olympic, Disney by virtue of its exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality pursuit, and has also obtained relevant certifications and authorizations.
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