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Organic glass display rack and show the comparison of many materials

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-21
1, wood display: advantage is adjustable structure is big, can make all kinds of design effect, but also as a display shelf material price moderate. The disadvantage is that the material is heavier, produced no light and occupy a space, the late high transportation cost and is not convenient to move. 2, stainless steel materials show: advantage is deformation resistance, high strength, good abrasion resistance, high hardness, not rusting, after polishing can reach high brightness effect. Defect is structural is not strong, difficult to make the abstract graphics, it's easy to catch a fingerprint, often should clean. 3, metal materials show: advantage is that the material price is low, the material is lighter. The disadvantage is that structural change is not big, difficult to make a variety of effects, if the overall exhibition frame material is with metal material to make, will lack the sense of design. 4, organic glass display rack, advantage is fully glittering and translucent effect, relative to the external climate weatherability prominent relative to acidic strong ammonia, sulfuric acid, is has certain durability, distorted or contraction of resistance to deformation ability from the aspects such as material exhibition stand, the disadvantage is that the material is heavier, easy scratches. So based on the above analysis, we want to know at the time of order exhibition stand, want to consider what kind of exhibition frame materials can fully reflect the characteristics of their products. Make it a better show to customers. The effect of let exhibition stand to the maximum.
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