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Organic glass display rack for beautiful points

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-21
Organic glass display rack is the use of organic glass after hot pressing, Mosaic, vertical mill, grinding method, roasted, glue and other processed for commodity exhibition, display shelves. This kind of display case is beautiful, generous, rotate 360 degrees, can achieve very good effect. This kind of display case has mall stores has been widely used all over the world, to the seller has brought great convenience and benefits. 1. Organic glass display rack can be color printing appearance, is an excellent advertisement carrier. 2. All organic glass display rack, Or major) By printing paper and cardboard of hardness, enough to carry the promotion goods, and conforms to the strict environmental protection requirements. 3. Could be selected according to the requirement of the customers and carry different color plates, and other materials ( Metal, wood, plastic, etc. ) Exhibition frame of hybrid structure. 4. Economy and highly practical, seller after use, as a result of factors such as improved product appearance design, convenient disposal recycling department. 5. Light weight, can lay flat stacked, save logistics cost, can be used repeatedly. 6. Apply all kinds of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibition, etc. , design, color, modelling are free to innovative design, excellent propaganda effect.
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