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Organic glass is a glass?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-20
The usual enquiries received, I found a lot of people ask me such a question & other; Organic glass is glass? ” , it seems that there are still many people couldn't distinguish between organic glass and glass, small make up today will give you a simple explain the difference between the two. The answer is: & other; Not & throughout; , they are not a species, organic glass from inside the oil extracted a kind of organic material, after processing of materials. Glass is a kind of more transparent solid material, in continuous network structure, formed when molten viscosity increase gradually in the process of cooling and hardening instead of crystalline silicate class nonmetallic material. Organic glass as transparent as glass, high light transmittance, at the same time easy dyeing, easy forming, is a new substitute for glass materials. Organic glass is more and more widely, the application scope of began to gradually replace glass can do products. And the toughness of the organic glass high, even if you fall off the earth is not easy to be broken, with plastic toughness. Noble allow acrylic products, customization of all kinds of enterprises with acrylic products with exquisite production technology, strict quality management, and thoughtful service system together with you to create a win-win development in the future we look forward to your inquiry and unified national service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252 website: WWW. klk98。 com
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