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Organic glass not plastic or glass?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-24
Train window you've all seen it, it was not made of glass. Is organic glass, and organic substance is not glass, plastic, organic glass everyone might be a bit strange, but plastic you must understand that actually organic glass is another call & other; Acrylic & throughout; , so everyone should understand. But is acrylic glass or plastic? Acrylic is a kind of synthetic material, material has high transparency, high transparency than plastic, but there are better than glass durability, dyeing, and easier than glass in buildings is too generous, says it is plastic, and plastic is different, however, acrylic hardness and resistance to high temperature is higher than plastic more than a little bit. Acrylic used thermoplastic materials, and plastic is a kind of monomer as raw materials of high molecular compound, pick up the connection between only is yakeli is a new type of plastic. And meet in plastic, organic glass more transparency and freshness, and even higher than the transparency of glass, plastic more than these things, and acrylic color is very bright, the color of the plastic products will be dark. Acrylic in smoothness and colour and lustre is also very good, but the plastic would be rough. Compared with glass, acrylic products made of strong degree is higher, it is not easy to damage. And organic glass plasticity is stronger, after heating, it can be molded into the shape of a need, but ordinary glass can't do this. To say the organic glass is glass and the real material is not glass, like plastic, but than plastic products with long time. Acrylic product customization, dongguan Noble allow organic glass processing production factory, for all kinds of commercial enterprises provide overall production scheme of acrylic products display, advanced equipment, exquisite workmanship, reliable! Hotline: 4008959252
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