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Organic glass rotating menu customization will find kay's factory in dongguan

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-20
Noble allow organic glass manufacturer professional custom upscale hotel catering for the drinks menu/organic glass decca, rotating menu, drinks decca, organic glass multi-page rotating menu and other organic glass hotel supplies. Noble allow organic glass meal card good transparency, diverse styles, contracted and easy, adhesive, hot bending, can be saw, plane, drill, carving, grinding, screen printing, sandblasting manual and mechanical processing, such as seiko production of plexiglass products compared to other factory, CRD. How about the performance of organic glass multi-page rotating menu? Senior organic glass multi-page rotating menu is made from transparent organic glass, has the very good transparency, mainly is suitable for the size of restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, business office, celebrity gestell supermarkets, product display, etc. , is commonly used in life, form a complete set of popular items! Organic glass has prominent aging resistance; It's less than half of the common glass, but the fracture resistance is several times higher; It has good insulation and mechanical strength; Of acid, alkali, salt has the strong corrosion resistance; And easy processing; For bonding, sawing, planing, drilling, carving, grinding, screen printing, sandblasting manual and mechanical processing, such as heated bending die into various organic glass products.
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