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Organic glass scratched?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-23
Colorless transparent organic glass plate, light transmittance over 92%, compared with other plastic products, more hd transparent organic glass, can foil exhibits better and beautiful. Also compared with other material of long service life, easy to clean and maintain, hd appearance can maintain for a long time, reduce the frequency of the updates at the same time, also reduces the cost of the artificial. Makes people of plexiglass products, more and more obvious. But is hd transparent organic glass products advantage, excellent permeability. Defect is due to the high penetration, will obviously a little scratch. Organic glass products display, organic glass table tablet stands, and so on, are the most commonly used in life, also be more frequent contact with the human body, although it will be very careful to avoid some of the items to sharp, don't fall off. But accidentally scratched how to solve? First, in view of the area is not large and deep scratches, can use soft cotton cloth point alcohol or toothpaste, to wipe scratch part, through repeated to wipe, can remove scratches restored organic glass display the original color and brightness. Secondly if the scratch area is larger, you may not be too good to solve the oh, to special organic glass factory use polishing machine to grinding and polishing processing.
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