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Pregnant women badge, it is not just a badge!

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-17
Early pregnancy mothers at home is a national treasure panda, but go out in the outside, but because the stomach not revealed, in a crowded bus can only stood trembling. In order to advocate the social various aspects to the pregnant women to love and take a bus in pregnant women, access to money, errands, shopping payment to the bank for the population concentration, crowded places such as their priority. In & other; 38 & throughout; Zhengzhou bus coming international women's day, three companies shall prevail mothers with a special gift & ndash; — “ Mothers-to-be badge & throughout; 。 Wearing it, small size and those who have been pregnant but haven't & other; Throughout gestation phase &; The expectant mothers with proof of identity, bus also can give them special care, long active remind passengers to their seats, bus safety to ensure mothers-to-be. Along with society's progress, constantly improve people's moral concept, the protection of vulnerable groups in a public place and special care concept also constantly strengthen, although badge products at home is not common, but in a foreign country or are widely used in the world, as well as medical treatment, public units or government departments and so on, the army has its own set of badge system, a symbol of honor and convey the meaning of it is different. Badge more product knowledge, please reference: WWW. ysgou。 com
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