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Prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, to save a medal production costs, Japan national donate old cell phone!

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-02
There will be 1 year time, the Tokyo Olympic Games was held as scheduled. The Olympics belong to the world's top sports event, hosting the Olympics is not just the pursuit of security, therefore, good-looking, lively, but also from environment protection, considering cost saving, etc. Therefore from the perspectives of fireworks, the Olympic venue construction, pay special attention to frugality, but the summer Olympic Games, after all, is a new project at a loss, the fewer people's attention, cause no country apply for to deal with today's summer Olympic Games, as long as the initiative's bid to host the Olympic Games, the success rate is very high. Besides basic construction and promotion planning, exhibition hall have is pay for an item, if do monuments, Japan in order to prepare the 2020 Tokyo games ahead of schedule, so called on the people of the whole country to donate old cell phones. There is no doubt that in the summer Olympic Games in total tou will match all three souvenir medal winner, combined with various team and dozens of people, and the emergency of monuments, more or less overhead expenses of next year summer Olympic Games more than 6000 monuments, in total is 2 tons, it is a very terrible statistics. This commemorative plate making steps is inconvenient, must go to the mineral enterprises to buy this kind of raw materials, then made to processing plant production and processing, Japan is a small area originally, mineral resources are very few, will have to import at the very least, this is indeed a loss, obviously the Japan international committee group suddenly announced that all 2020 monuments will be recycling old phones refining metal materials making. Recycling old cell phones and other electronic products to make Olympic MEDALS from the definition of two groups of statistics: Japan waste electronic equipment including gold, silver in the world supply of accounted for the proportion of 18% and 26%, respectively, and this loss using waste product is also referred to as & other Cities throughout mineral &; 。 In order to collect this kind of electronic equipment, the Japanese * * to & other; From the modern urban mining, make belongs to everyone throughout the champions &; The acquisition of theme activities. In order to create a more environmental protection and sustainable development view of the summer Olympic Games, Japan announced they would use, host of Olympic Games from the Japanese people to buy the old mobile phone waste, household appliances, such as to make all the monuments summer Olympic Games and paralympic games. But as of now, the total number of acquisitions and no goal, your total number of silver MEDALS make necessary entities gouges where whole pieces were missing. Many people do have doubts, where so much gold and silver? This must be made from the phone talked about, on the main interface of the electronic equipment with a very small amount of metal material, on a mobile phone is about 0. 5 g gold, 0. 26 g silver and 12. 8 g copper, a laptop motherboard interface metal material moisture content is 12 times on the phone, 130 mobile phones will be able to make a champion ( Champion rules gold water content of not less than 6 g) 。 Eight seasons from 2018 to now, the Japanese people have donated electronic products, a total of more than 600 units, the maximum number of phone, camera and laptop times, in order to recycle this kind of electronic equipment, the Japanese in the Chinese provinces are under construction in 1500 donation management center, I think, according to the statistics, raw materials have been early enough, just haven't to production and processing extracted out. Medal after production, refined metal material on the rest of the mobile phone can also make the rights and interests of tens of millions of. Japanese electronics spending was quite high, so can accept so much was no surprise, this kind of method is both environmental protection and let people have a sense of belonging, is the most other countries to follow suit.
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