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Reflect luxurious quality acrylic jewelry display shelf

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-13
In organic glass display rack, utilization rate is probably most electronics industry, and the grade of the most demanding, should be belong to jewelry exhibition stand. As is known to all, the jewelry itself belongs to the luxury goods, its quality and the price will be slightly more expensive. So as auxiliary jewelry sales reveal frame, select material and production requirements will also show much higher than ordinary products. Because in jewelry display, the display is not only for goods placed on display, but also to foil a nobility and high-grade goods. It is because the acrylic itself is a kind of synthetic material, with excellent transparency and machinability, is currently on the market to use one of the most popular display props. Acrylic is adopted in the cause of the jewelry display shelf, also is probably because of its high permeability, can and with jewelry such as diamond light echo. Good acrylic, transparent without impurities, high degree of more than glass, strong resistance to fall off should not be broken, forming a simple, modelling changeable, small and light, easy to clean, mobile convenience. Using organic glass display to display jewelry, jewelry is clever and better able to foil a glittering and translucent, costly quality excellent effect. That's why yakeli the industries in a big popular. Dongguan Noble Awards— Acrylic products custom experts, the world 500 strong partners unified national service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252 website: WWW. klk98。 Com address: dongguan qingxi mayor zhang qing hill village road 190 phone: + 86 - 769 - 87304568 fax: + 86 - 769 - 87306853QQ: 2355733668
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