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Repair what tin alloy badge burrs need to pay attention to?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-22
Tin alloy badge is plastic mould, it is the use of the centrifugal force of a centrifuge casting and become, because a complete mold is made from mould, so there will be a line, and the film is a soft material, subjected to a tin of high temperature alloy material will soften, how many such products will appear a little burr! It repaired burr is indispensable in the process of production of link, the repair tin alloy badge burrs need to pay attention to four points: 1. By making use of the knife along the direction of the burr, burr and pare off mould line, pay attention to the strength, the place makes every effort to smooth, but can't scratch! 2. Pay attention to take knife Angle and the Angle of the tin alloy badge is about 45 degree Angle, if the Angle while the edge of the tin alloy badge scratch, if the Angle is big, can not be removed badge burr roots and lead to customize badge side burr repairing incomplete! 3. If there are any metal edge larger products, then use knife may not be thinner, with shock machine polishing, polishing after wipe gently with sandpaper, such making that the surface of the tin alloy badge is better! 4. If the product is more complex, the shape is complex, then the bottom of the burr is very difficult to use scraper repair, shapes produced a corner, then you may need to use tungsten steel grinding rod hanging light machine repair, but need pinches on tungsten steel grinding sticks, this will be a bit more tactful! Tin alloy badge order: http://www. ysgou。 com/Products/xhjfflhz_1。 超文本标记语言
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