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Resin handicraft handicrafts 丨 丨 transparent crystal gel hidden process 丨 aguilar kay company in dongguan

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-18
Resin handicraft in life we may not be particularly common, no contact person, may be it is very strange, today small make up to you to introduce crystal glue process. Resin handicraft is a senior product of unsaturated resin curing liquid infusion into specific mold after curing after grinding, polishing process become a finished product, high plasticity, high transparency, can be recorded and processed into various shapes, also can allocate a luminous effect, transparent and opaque colours, etc. , the biggest characteristic is can also put all kinds of metal, plastic, hourglass, photo and printing in all sorts of characters, design, is the ideal choice for all kinds of handicrafts, souvenirs, promotional items. The performance characteristics of crystal glue 1, crystal glue appearance: colorless transparent viscous liquid, no mechanical impurities; 2, crystal adhesive curing speed; 3, stick relay is strong, fully meet the requirements of bonding; 4 high light transmittance, the formation of the sub, after curing light transmittance & ge; 90%; Noble allow insists on using the best quality of high transparent resin material, refused to use inferior material, quality more stable. Noble allow adhere to superb technology, products strictly deal with every detail, refused to rough. If you are interested in resin handicraft can through our website: http://www. klk98。 Com on any contact way to contact us. Warmly welcome to inquire!
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