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Shenzhen badge manufacturers how to customize the high-grade badge

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-31
Shenzhen badge manufacturers how to customize the high-grade badge mention customized high-grade badge, badge will first think of production materials. Here, we don't go to said precious metals such as gold and silver, because the gold and silver is not making badges of commonly used materials. Material of choice for high-grade badge for copper, copper in particular. Copper material is qualitative soft, easy to in formation on the surface of the badge design. In addition, copper material has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, casting and excellent mechanical properties, so make it a material of choice for high-grade badge. Shenzhen badge manufacturers, said the badge process is also one of the key factors of high-grade badge. Generally speaking, all high-end products, its production process is relatively complicated. Enamel craft is one of the most complex process in the badge production, so the enamel badges is real high-grade badge, because imitation enamel craft, so the imitation enamel badges can be high-grade badge. And badge printed badge, bit edition, glue badges and badge of the lacquer that bake, its technology is relatively simple, only a normal badge. Made of iron or alloy badge, in particular, is especially suitable for special requirements of customers to price. Generally some special commemorative medallion is made, some valuable badges, MEDALS, can consider to do high-grade badge. In addition, the emblem design, badge accessories is also one of the factors of high-grade badge. A true luxury badge, its design also must be reasonable, high level. In accessories, general will use more high-grade accessories, such as safety pin, round head high card, badge packing will USES high-grade wooden box, flocking box, etc. Of course, adopt what kind of accessories, but also the specific see the purpose of the badge.
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