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Shenzhen dapeng marathon in 2016, a medal out of their house?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-03
On January 1, 2016, New Year's day) Dapeng marathon in the New Year, after 7 days will officially kick off in dapeng peninsula. As the carnival of runners, event without special professional players, forty-five percent of the players from outside shenzhen, including the United States, France, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other places. No matter where you are, peng ma didn't want to miss you! No newspaper famous runners, and coke run New Year, unfettered together! No matter any place, make finish 10 kilometers, half and full marathon, can illume yue New Year run laps dapeng online marathon and free medal of MEDALS, certificates and other souvenirs. Have a game, there is a reward. Early December 2015, the organizing committee of the association of shenzhen, through the selection of domestic public bidding in the form of a custom MEDALS, crossbow technology after several rounds of campaign, beat and a number of manufacturers in guangzhou, zhejiang, the results become the shenzhen dapeng marathon honorary MEDALS custom manufacturers. Custom: 3000 PCS of metal buttons, main material: iron, its strength and formability of steel and the corrosion resistance of tin, tin welding sex and beautiful exterior combination in a material, corrosion resistance, high strength, good ductility characteristics, medal of honor 56 PCS, material for: true enamel, is a very high-end into the process of color, accessories: hollow ribbon + printing, both sides respectively 2016 shenzhen dapeng marathon, batch order to complete the inspection at the end of December. Customers for the cooperation with crossbows bo, very satisfied, give a high degree of evaluation. To focus on happiness of the people who run the tournament experience as the goal, let the participants feel ran out of the health, ran out of the joy, ran out of friendship & quot; Le run & quot; Spirit. Running is a kind of habit, monkey is an experience, our best, run in the future. After the marathon after the game can enjoy exclusive MEDALS lettering services. Metal badge MEDALS, unique design concept, through ancient and modern, elaborate MEDALS take you appreciate a single visual feast! Mirs, whirlwind nine miles. Crossbow, tourism handicraft is a professional tailored with 31 years development history, production metal badge, medal, MEDALS, key chain, and sports 'arts and crafts of high quality customized business. And marathon runner with the same passion and dream, to share with you of the movement of the New Year. Yue, let's stride feet open New Year!
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