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Shenzhen marathon 2015 MEDALS, crossbow Po into its designated suppliers

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-03
2015 shenzhen international marathon will be on December 5, On Saturday) 8 to 14 when held in the city center area, at that time, there will be many countries and regions in 25000 athletes attend the full marathon, half marathon, 6 km marathon. During the event, the traffic police to track citizens central shennan avenue belonged to implement traffic control measures, take & other; Scroll to closed & throughout; And & other The breaker unlock & throughout; The temporary measures. The traffic police to remind people travel planning, advocacy of subway. As a form of sports game, must be without reward, in early November 2015, shenzhen tourism style, through the selection of domestic public bidding in the form of a custom MEDALS factories, crossbow, tourism souvenirs, after several rounds of campaign, the results beat several manufacturers, such as shenzhen, zhongshan, zhejiang smoothly to be designated as 2015 shenzhen marathon medal custom manufacturers. The games MEDALS as: 2017, material: true enamel, is a very high-end into the process of color, accessories: hollow ribbon + printing, both sides are printed in English translation 2015 shenzhen marathon, this batch of order to complete the inspection at the end of November. Customers for the cooperation, and give high evaluation, very satisfied. 2015 shenzhen international marathon is a platform that has a serious offline competition, also has the serious online entertainment; Online dark horse as a recreational projects, the purpose is to improve everyone's participation, if did not adopt scores and don't be discouraged, it's not for you don't respect, because this project in the participation, involved in itself is a kind of harvest! A kind of exercise. In this paper, by large crossbow bo jun original technology, reprint must indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, cherish other people's work achievement, is to respect yourself.
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