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Shop around, school badge custom belongs to heart, choose a crossbow

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-15
Heart has belong, distance is not a problem, quality assurance, the price is not the problem, a Shanghai culture communication co. , LTD. Of the crossbow to customize a batch of metal pins and MEDALS, the number is respectively: 3200 and 6000 PCS. Cooperation once last year, the number is not large, are some of the key chain and tinplate badge, was so pleased with customer about the quality of the product, the price also is according to the material for very reasonable price, to our deep impression, so again cooperation, provide the 3 d design drawings, we quickly deal with the quotation to clients, because to go approval process, customer orders signed down, after three days on December 12 to arrange order, mould, 13 large goods in bulk production. Is expected before the end of December to complete delivery, now a full 10 days ahead of the delivery of the goods. Crossbow Po process as a metal crafts custom manufacturer of 31 years, industry competition in the market emerge in endlessly, different products, the price also good and evil people mixed up, crossbow Po process dare not say their product is better than peers, but actually is a hard material, workmanship, such as the original. Making attentively, let the customer trust of metal buttons, is one of the principles of working crossbow. Metal badge is not fill color shading is not a process, the main form of stereo sense is strong, administrative levels is outstanding, all kinds of decorative pattern of plating colour and lustre is obvious, if the recessed metal in the process of production with sand or sand + spray paint process, can make the products of concave-convex contrast and comparison of light fog is more obvious. Is the use of more high-end user types in a process. Has the mark and the collection value, never fade, is our pursuit of high quality. On December 13, this batch of crest badge by 【 Shun the express 】 And hope customers receive the goods, warm prompt: please check whether there are any damage when the goods, such as welcome contact crossbow bo docking personnel 【 Crossbow bo hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776 】 Crossbow Po process your conclusion: visitors to our site, issues of concern is not much, as long as we can the perspective-taking, sincerely help visitors to solve the problem of their concern, fear, I believe, we help clients, left a deep impression to the customer.
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