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South Korea join the bundesliga giants stepping captain! He was trampled by the panda cup revenge 'murderer' we hopeless?

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-12
South Korea is a young player was the bundesliga teams Bremen MeiXiangZhong! Werder Bremen's official news, south Korean stepping captain PiaoGui now joining on loan to werder Bremen, he will be the first to enter the U19 team effectiveness. Both sides contract until 2021, contains a buyout clause. Single see PiaoGui now this name, we seem to be not very well, he doesn't like cloth Min, Li Kangren that reputation. But for the people, we Chinese fans will not feel strange. At the end of may the panda cup, one thing shocked the football in China. And PiaoGui now is. On the evening of May 29, finally stepping 0 - China 3 by stepping in South Korea. China stepping up three wars are negative, zero goal, which is involved in the event the worst result. South Korea stepping win the championship. Win victory over China, South Korea players seem too excited, one of the players foot panda trophy, one hand rested on her hips, smile happily posed, stand next to a teammate 2 row, just laugh at. And in addition to stamped on the trophy, with south Korean players to the cup made the action of urination and teammates see not bottom go to, to stop the madness of the player. Then it has been reported by domestic media, both in China and South Korea have triggered a huge controversy. Although the final and South Korea, the coaching staff a formal apology, the parties but the organizing committee decided to take the cup. For Chinese football, PiaoGui now on trophy event like a shame forever. If we want to wash away the shame, only constant progress, to defeat the opponent. But now, the somebody else to join the bundesliga giants, and we have only a lei! Bremen MeiQingXun competent ShiLun baker appreciate PiaoGui now, said: & other; PiaoGui has attracted our attention now, he in the U19 and U23 two-week trial performance, give us a good impression, was glad he join werder Bremen. ” PiaoGui now height 181 cm, weight 71 kilograms, left-footed player, the secretary defender. PiaoGui now from ulsan youth, with physical quality and agile speed. Earlier media reports, rental fee is 100 million won ( About 600000 yuan) After the buyout fee for 700 million won ( About 4. 12 million yuan) 。 Bremen in Germany has always been a upstream teams, they are in the final last season ranked eighth, for champions league qualification. Don't know PiaoGui now, can you get to play more. Also hope that our domestic players will be able to get some opportunities abroad, although it has passed, but it is always a shame of Chinese football. We only get stronger, defeat the opponent, is the best revenge.
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