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Talking about the medals of the 2019 Wuhai Lake Marathon

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-17
There is a sea in Wuhai, the desert is on this side of the sea, the city is at the end of the desert, and the tail of the city is a bridge. I stand on this side of the bridge, and Wuhai is on the other side~~ And the one overlooking Wuhai Lake is 88.95 meters high , The statue of Genghis Khan with a circumference of 300 meters at the bottom. The statue of Genghis Khan is located on the top of a mountain at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters. This year's Wuhai Lake Marathon medals were designed with Genghis Khan as the theme. The well-known Genghis Khan is an outstanding politician and military strategist in history, reflecting the long history of history and culture. The borders are decorated with Mongolian decorative patterns, showing the unique characteristics of the Mongolian nationality. At the same time, the Wuhai Lake Marathon medal ring integrates humanities, and the folklore features fully demonstrate Wuhai’s unique ecological advantages and unique humanistic scenery, allowing runners to feel the beauty bestowed by nature during the run. The medals of the entire event are three-dimensional Strong, while enhancing the visual effect.
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