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Teach you how to have skills for acrylic products glue?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-26
Want to make an acrylic products are need more process, glue, which is relatively some of you may think the glue, it is very simple, in fact, the glue is also a live technical, operators need to have patience, skilled technique; Glue dozen of good or not directly effect the beauty of the product, less sticky rickety, would overflow glue, pressure not firm will appear bubbles, a qualified acrylic products are not allowed to these problems. The Noble allow acrylic products to you explain matters that should pay attention to when the acrylic products paste. 1. Acrylic products when the paste surface can not have dust, dirt, or after the paste will appear bubbles, adhesive application before clean cloth to wipe clean. 2. Acrylic products can't use a hairdryer to blow after the paste, should allow it to dry naturally, then stick it can better dissolves in together. 3. Acrylic products before the glue not completely dissolves, should avoid the sunlight direct irradiation for a long time, otherwise it will produce different degrees of yellowing, effect the beauty of the acrylic products. 4. Acrylic adhesive glue is corrosive or move, can be used to stick adhesive method to protect do not need to stick to the parts, to avoid overflow glue cause corrosion to the yakeli the surface. 5. Homebred yakeli is due to poor quality, the surface rough, cannot be bonding processing 6. Indoor humidity, temperature, etc on the organic glass glue directly impact; More acrylic products consulting, please pay attention to our website: http://www. klk98。 com
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