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Technological introduction to the meaning of white crystal trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-24
White crystal trophy represents a balance and happiness. Can provide spiritual power and white crystal trophy, so can increase the memory and spirit, and white crystal can make the power of the spirit and matter, the world's energy balance, and thus help thinking, don't be blinded by the external object. I don't think that Buddhism all strangers, and buddhist shippo did you heard of it before? And white crystal is the one of buddhist shippo, white crystal is made by the Buddha is practiced for gas, or cultural relics for the Buddha, ward off evil spirits, block brakes, town house, divination has the powerful ability of positive and deities blessings and to remove the negative sexual energy has its special effect. Like white crystal clarity, it can also provides a spiritual washing and can get clean, makes life sublimate and full.
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