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That is why you choose crossbow bo badge making!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-17
Q: can you tell me the badge, how much is the minimum quantity? A: usually we badge minimum quantity is 100, but considering the high quality and enamel process is relatively complex, but a minimum 10, but relatively speaking, large amount of preferential, proofing fee and mold fee is relatively low in a lot of! Q: what badge making process? Answer: the badge making available red copper, bronze, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, tin alloy, etc. Q: how much would the charge be for badge making mould making general? A: the general mold production costs is according to the size of the mold to order price. So proposal, you sample figure to come over, quotation according to actual situation. Q: the badge design for money? A: usually a simple design is free, but complex emblem design will receive small fee! Q: customize a number of enterprises badge to find who to do? A: to find professional badge company to do. Crossbow badge handicraft factory, 33 years accumulate focus to build perfect quality and large scale of production, fast delivery, delivery on time, strict quality control to ensure the consistency of product quality, variety can be one-stop custom category complete process, more affordable, responsible, professional service attitude, the heart all the time. Q: quantitative badge can have a discount? A: this is, of course, some, concrete can contact us, the greater the badge of quantitative, the unit price is relatively lower. Q: where is your customers? A: our customers are from all over the country provinces, no region, no region! Welcome to consultation! Crossbow, arts and crafts, www。 ysgou。 com) To professional build perfect quality, 10 series process, meet the demand of the diversification of your custom, responsible and professional service attitude, let you no worries!
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