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The characteristics and applications of the acrylic panel

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-12
Characteristics analysis: a, weather resistance: acrylic panel have excellent outdoor weatherability, can be considered to be the best in all of plastic materials. Under the condition of normal outdoor use, design, processing and reasonable acrylic board signs, after 10 years of life, its mechanical strength also won't reduce, appearance does not change significantly. Swatches of pervious to light performance: high quality acrylic will be under strict quality standards for production, to ensure that different batches and sheet has the same color. Due to the color of color plate is evenly distributed along the entire plate thickness direction, so the grinding crack on the surface of the card by light when some influence on the color appearance. Three, acrylic panel has the advantages of high frequency insulation is, brittleness, good resistance to impact, a kind of organic glass lenses are excellent price comparison, machining performance and thermal performance such as organic glass lenses, the ability of general chemical etching, chemical stability. Repair strong sex, just dip in with soft foam toothpaste sanitary ware will be refreshed. Application: acrylic panel, soundproof Windows, window light shade, booths, etc. Advertising application: light boxes, signs, signs, exhibition, etc. Traffic application: vehicle doors and Windows, such as trains, cars, etc. Medical applications: infant incubator, all kinds of surgery medical equipment and supplies: sanitary equipment, handicrafts, cosmetics, stents, aquarium and so on. Industrial application: instrument surface plate and the cover, etc. Lighting applications: fluorescent lamp, droplight, street lamps, etc.
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