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The characteristics of organic glass

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-19
1) high transparency. Organic glass, transparent polymer materials is the most excellent, euphotic rate reached 92%, than the high light transmittance of the glass. Called artificial small sun sun lamp tube is made of quartz, this is because quartz can completely through the ultraviolet light. Ordinary glass can only through 0. 6% of the ultraviolet (uv), but can through 73% organic glass. (2) high mechanical strength. The relative molecular mass of the organic glass is about 2 million, is a long chain of polymer compounds, and form a molecular chain is very soft, therefore, the strength of the organic glass is higher, tensile and impact resistant ability is higher than common glass - 7 18 times. There is a heated and stretch the processed organic glass, one of the molecular chain arrangement is very good order, make the material toughness has improved significantly. With a nail into the organic glass, even if the nail penetrated, organic glass cracks. The organic glass was the bullet also not broken into pieces after breakdown. Therefore, organic glass can be used as bulletproof glass of the drawing processing, is also used as a canopy on military aircraft. 3. Light weight. The density of organic glass to 1. 18 kg/dm, the size of the same material, the weight is only half of the common glass, aluminum, Belong to light metals) Of 43%. (4) easy to processing. Organic glass not only can use lathe cutting, drilling, drilling machine and the bond into various shapes such as with acetone, chloroform, can also blow molding, plastic molding methods such as injection, extrusion processing into large canopy to aircraft, small to the false teeth and a variety of products such as plates.
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