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The design and manufacture of crystal trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-16
First of all, let us know about the crystal trophy. Crystal trophy is made of crystal material decoration. The design of crystal trophy we should pay attention to what? The main natural is the designer's inspiration, each a unique arts and crafts are representative of the designer. Each work is the designer's work. After the inspiration, natural material is chosen. As the saying goes, qiaofu can't make bricks without straw. Crystal trophy at the time of production, so we should choose good suitable crystal materials, so as to make the perfect crystal trophy. In our knowledge of the two design points of the crystal trophy, have you given any thought to why crystal MEDALS so popular? For the following reasons, first of all is the beautiful crystal degree is high, elegant and refined it is very popular among our compatriots. Second, crystal with function of protect home safe, there are lots of people will choose. And its exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite technique, itself has the very high appreciation value and collection value.
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