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The difference between organic glass new materials and recycling materials

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-23
Believe it opens at this article people don't know but want to know about & other; The difference between organic glass new materials and recycling materials & throughout; Nonsense, I'm not much said, directly to your summary. Organic glass products pure new acrylic sheet 1, excellent uv resistance, at least 5 years from yellowing, will not fade lost 2, 3 light transmittance is greater than 92%, cross-section transparent colorless, processing ( Hot) Retention after good 4, cracking resistance, and excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance, 6, 5 high quality protective film, provide sufficient protection to 1, anti-ultraviolet performance is very poor, easy to become yellow, faded and chap 2, 3 light transmittance is less than 80%, cross-section yellow, although the whitening agent to deal with the back plate, initial yellowing is reduce, but after short term use yellowing without peculiar smell, after the processing of heating, intensifying yellowing, and produce irritating odor, easy cracking 4, poor solvent resistance and chemical character, easy to crack, Organic glass products) 5 6 levels, poor weather resistance, packaging and protective film seven, the easy identification of back plate to say so much know new material good, but why some people will choose recycled material? I believe that the biggest reason is the price, recycling price is new material cheap many, not so strict with some appearance and the function of the products, maybe some people will choose to use recycled material, but more because of unscrupulous manufacturers of padding. After all to want to buy a real acrylic products, first of all, or looking for a manufacturer by the spectrum. As Noble allow 20 years experience of the old factory, has always been work seriously, good faith, never to charge you the new money to give you recycle material goods.
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